get your location at the command line

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What is it, and how to use it

whereami is the simplest way to get your location when at the command line. In the simplest form, just invoke the command and it will respond with your location coordinates:

$ whereami

If you need fancier output, you can pass --format json or --format sexagesimal to get the output in the corresponding format:

$ whereami --format json
{"latitude":41.386905825791, "longitude": 2.14425782089087}
$ whereami --format sexagesimal
41° 23′ 12.8609728477426″, 2° 8′ 39.3281552071449″

Other options

In addition to the above options, there's also the mandatory --version and --help options.

How to get it

The easiest way is with Homebrew.

$ brew tap victor/whereami && brew install whereami

Otherwise, head on to the repo and follow the instructions there.


If you want to get your hands dirty, contributions are welcome. Please check the github repo for details.

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